Client: Initial

The challenge with washroom videos is that as a general life rule, it’s a bit weird to go in and film with cameras! Okay, yes, of course we could close a public toilet of or build our own studio toilet just for filming purposes but still, it’s not that inspiring to us to see a toilet flushing, no matter what ‘fancy-dan’ camera or lighting you use! We think it’s much more pleasant for us, and you the viewer to have the workings of the product explained in a nice clean 3D render instead, it saves us all the blushes.


For this project with Initial we created 3 x video animations in a series focussed on their air care range, and also provided them with consistent images for use in their brochures etc.

Project Deliverables

  • - Product video
  • - 3D Images
  • CREATIVE DIRECTION: Steven Warburton
  • 3D IMAGERY: Nils Mattsson
  • ANIMATION: Nils Mattsson
  • MUSIC: George Hagstrand